real social skills


Our most precious resource is our children, yet there are serious problems, stresses, and challenges that our youth are faced with today. One of the most significant challenges facing our youth is our educational system which is broken and in desperate need of repair.

Our mission

Generation-To-Generation Min Inc.- Real Social Skills program was established in 2004. It existed to empower students in grades K through 6 with skills that build character, encourage them to make proactive, positive decisions, and help them develop skills needed to become productive citizens.  Students engage in interactive activities of Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, and Bully Proofing themselves, building positive Self-Esteem, and dealing with everyday encounters they experience.

We provide services to public schools, private schools, low-risk juveniles in the juvenile system, churches, and recreation departments throughout the Dallas area.

Generation-To-Generation Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 C3 organization.

Our organization does not discriminate based on race, creed, or religion.

our vision

Our vision is to establish empowerment centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for at-risk youth so they can have a place to go to for assistance with their life issues so they will establish behavior that will keep them in school, out of trouble, and out of the juvenile system.

This center will be for all youth who need an understanding and compassionate person to identify with their life issues and frustrations and guide them into coping and positive decision-making skills. The center will empower “former” at-risk youth to become mentors for at-risk youth.

The empowerment centers will be located in strategic areas of the community to give all at-risk youth access to resources to assist them in directing themselves and others into positive decision-making.


Generation-To-Generation Values

Values are formed when youth choose among alternatives and consider the consequences. 

At-risk youth can succeed because they have an innate desire to succeed.

Empowering at-risk youth strengthens the family unit, school performance, and better citizens for society.

At-risk youth develop a sense of personal identity and character by developing coping strategies. 

Participating in an upbeat interactive program assists at-risk youth in developing positive decision-making skills. 

Structured life-skills lessons are essential to the development and realization of every at-risk youth to reach their most significant potential.

A Word

From Our Founder

” At Generation-To-Generation, we pride ourselves in providing high quality curriculums that help students gain real social skills to be successful in society. We offer practical skills to help students be comfortable in society and make good decisions when faced with challenges across all generations. “

– Dr. Betty Anderson